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Founded on the principles of quality and service, Mr. Greenjeans Produce was started by Tom Bauer in July of 1991. After working in the restaurant business for 15 years and seeing a strong need for quality suppliers, Tom decided to start his own produce company. Today Tom oversees all of the day to day operations and his wife Kim Bauer, oversees all of the office staff. Delivering quality produce to all of Central Florida, with over 500 happy, satisfied customers to date, Mr. Greenjeans Produce continues to grow year after year.

Mr. Greenjeans Produce prides itself on selecting and distributing the highest quality produce available. Mr. Greenjeans Produce specializes in Vine Ripe tomatoes, California leafy items, Idaho Potatoes, Washington Apples, Sunkist Citrus, and Driscoll Strawberries. Seasonal considerations are always a factor in obtaining certain products, however we have developed a vast network of growers and suppliers through the country to ensure the best produce to our customers. We replenish our produce several times a week for guaranteed freshness. Specialty items are usually in stock or can be obtained easily. 

Mr. Greenjeans Produce is Certified Women owned and operated, and dedicated to the highest standards of quality with a personalized touch for each customer.

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Order by 11pm to receive delivery the next day. 8 case minimum on all orders.

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